Egoïste, but so fashion !

EGOÏSTE Magazine, signed by Richard Avedon

” EGOÏSTE ” Magazine, issue #12 (volume 1 & 2) – dedicated to “VU agency” by Richard AVEDON


 egoisteNumber of pages: 124 p (vol 1) + 244 p (vol 2) – Dimensions: 12″ X 16″ X 1″

Language: French

The first issue of Egoïste was published in November 1977 under the leadership of Nicole Wisniak.

The most remarkable photographers and writers of their time have contributed to the 16 issues that have been published to date with a whimful periodicity. Egoiste is the subjective dictionary of an era. Known for its layout, its iconic images such as the nude of Yannick Noah by Richard Avedon or the portrait of Ava Gardner by Helmut Newton, and its advertising stories conceived and produced exclusively for the magazine by Nicole Wisniak, Egoïste has offered a space of freedom to great writers such as Francoise Sagan, Jean d’Ormesson or Bernard Frank. The publication of each new issue is celebrated by the international press and they are collected with love by a great number of fans. Continue reading