Tribute to my friend David B.

Michel TYSZBLAT, painter

“Allongé à plat ventre sur les galets de la plage de Cagnes sur Mer, je contemple la perspective qui se déroule en rase motte devant mes yeux.
J’ai dix-huit ans et je ressens une forte impression qui agit comme un déclic.
Parfois les choses importantes de la vie se décident en quelques secondes, sur presque rien, et c’est vrai que ce jour-là je décide d’être peintre.” – M. Tyszblat


Swinthe, 1973,  polyuréthane on canvas, size: 80 F (146 cm X 114 cm)

Michel Tyszblat is a French painter of Polish origin, born in 1936 in Paris. Tyszblat received lessons from André Lhote in 1956 and Robert in 1960 Lapoujade. Excellent pianist, he is passionate about jazz. 1968-1970 Michel Tyszblat knows a rewarding experience in a psychiatric hospital as a “painter-board” with the mentally ill. Since 1982 he teaches art history and contemporary art at the School of Architecture of Versailles. It is now considered mid-figurative. He was a member of the jury of Vitry from 1973 to 1990. In 1990, he was promoted to Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters. (

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