Magic Lantern, made by Perry Mason Co. (USA)

Rare ” ideal ” magic lantern

“Ideal” magic lantern by the Perry Mason Company, Boston, circa 1900, complete with burner and interior chimney and condenser.


lanternSize: 23.8cm H X 12.0cm W X 20.0cm L (12.0cm diameter to base)

Type: Projector

Manufacturer: Perry Mason & Co.

Place manufactured: USA

Introduction date: ca. 1882

Production date: 1882

Patent date: Aug. 29, 1882

Functional type: Magic lantern toy

Black canister lantern with two wire holders on back; stenciled above lens: “Pat. Aug. 19, ’82”. Conic chimney. Projectors were a premium for selling subscriptions for “The Youths Companion” magazine. Lamp knob: “Pat Dec. 10, ’67. Venus”.

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