DAÏMA, my favorite Uzbek painter

So timeless…

Paintings (2) – Oil on wood panel – by DAÏMA, 2000.


“The song of a bird, the noise silk makes when a child is sitting on it, The noise of tea, when poured in a china cup … Everything painted by Daïma whispers grace. Everything she draws pays homage to an eastern, intimate world. Daïma introduces us to the  melancholy of timeless and refined youths thus underlining the beauty of fragility.”

Daima 2 “La rencontre” by DAÏMA – Size: 24″½ w x 18″½ h

Daima 1“La rose rouge” by DAÏMA – Size: 21″½ w x 18″½ h

Daima was born in 1959 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). After continuing her studies at the Beaux Arts in Tashkent and in Moscow, she moved with her husband Maxime Vardanyan to Paris in 1989. She has since lived in France.

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